About Me:

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I have been doing technical and operation stuff around radio for most of my working life – starting at age 15 as a trainee technician at my local hometown SE Qld radio station in the mid-sixties.

4GY – early sixties

A few years later I moved to Brissie, and a stint at 4BK as first a Master Control operator and then commercial producer.

Warana Parade

Then I gave “‘BK the big A” and spent a year in television at Channel0 (later to become Ten) – mostly telecine and videotapes.Deciding that TV was not for me, I branched out into music recording, running a small studio for a friend in South Brisbane. It started as a stereo facility, growing to 4-track and finally 16track.


After a couple of years of that, the lure of radio called again when the Chief Engineer position came up at 4BH. At the age of 28 I was a Chief Engineer! Luckily I had stuck it out and got my BOCP while at ‘BK.
The 15-odd years at ‘BH saw me on a steep learning curve and lovin’ it. Transmitter relocation, studio relocation, implementing AM Stereo, Newsroom computers, scheduling computers … all great challenges.
From that point on until my retirement in 2008 I have been in Engineering Management positions within radio stations in Brisbane and Melbourne.

In 1989 I moved to Melbourne and SBS Radio.

Then I spent some time on the Sunshine Coast

Then back to Melbourne for my final full-time gig – to 3AK/3MP which morphed into SEN/3MP. What a ride that was!!

Remember murphy’s law?